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Provincial Child Care Certification and Accrediation

Accreditation & Certification Posted on Tue, July 28, 2020 23:39:00

In Alberta, “Child Care Certification” is the process used by Alberta Human Services to review educational training competencies to determine and issue certification towards one, two and three levels of certification in accordance with Alberta “Child Care Licensing Regulation”. Staff working in licensed child care programs have six months to be certified and cannot be left alone to supervise children without Certification (Alberta Regulation, 143/2008).

The Alberta “Child Care Accreditation” program establishes standards that exceed those legislated by the province. These higher standards have been developed by members of the child care sector and Alberta Children and Youth Services. An accreditation agency works with accredited programs to ensure that these standards are followed. Currently licensed day care, out-of-school care, and contracted family day home agencies can participate in the Accreditation Program. (Alberta Regulation, 143/2008) NB: Child Care Accreditation is a voluntary program and is the only one of its kind in Canada.


Kids At Home Philosophy

Accreditation & Certification Posted on Sat, October 06, 2018 17:25:31

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Terms and Definitions

Accreditation & Certification Posted on Sun, December 10, 2017 18:26:09

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Creating an Exceptional Child Care Experience

Accreditation & Certification Posted on Sun, October 22, 2017 17:51:54

The main characteristic of exceptional child care is the care-givers love for children, second only, by the honor given to that care-giver.

Honor includes compensation, respect, and the support given to your care-giver. A fair wage and good working conditions will contribute to higher job satisfaction, higher morale, and less chances of any interruption in your child care arrangements.

Honoring your care-giver will undeniably give stability to your child.

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Helping Children Develop Reading Skills

Child Care Resources Posted on Thu, September 21, 2017 22:53:59

How do I help my child to read fluently?

To read fluently means to read words expressively and
smoothly. Children who are not fluent read choppily and word-for-word. This can
affect their comprehension, because they don’t remember what they have read by
the time they reach the end of a sentence. Reading fluently is an important

To help your child learn to
read fluently, one of the most important things you can do is to regularly read
aloud to your child so that you’re modeling the type of reading you want your
child to do. For example, if you’re changing your voice for different
characters, your child will know that he or she needs to do the same. If a book
that you’re reading has text features such as bold print, and you decide to
read a bolded word loudly, you’re modeling that they, too, can do that while
they’re reading. Another way to develop fluency is to have your child read a
book over and over again. Children tend to become fluent readers after reading
the same thing many times. They know when to pause, when to speed up, and when
to slow down.

As they listen to themselves
read more and more fluently, this also helps to build their confidence.

— Kimberly Oliver Burnim is
a former National “Teacher of the Year”

We Are Accepting Applications From Caregivers With A Medical Background…

Careers & Jobs Posted on Tue, August 29, 2017 11:01:13


Kid At Home is in search of caregivers with a medical background to care for sick children in the comfort of the children’s own home. Applicants
must be experienced, bondable, coachable, and be willing to undergo a criminal record check (including vulnerable sector screening). All applicants must be CPR and first-aid certified or willing to undergo same. A
medical report will be required.

To Apply:

Please send your resume, including the contact information of two
referees (one must be work-related) and your area of interest to:

Applicants who are short-listed for the position will be contacted for an

We thank you for your interest in our Kids Sick Care program.

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Kids Sick & Emergency Care

Emergency/Sick Care Posted on Tue, August 29, 2017 10:58:58
Kids At Home can send a qualified care-giver with a medical background to care for your sick child, in the comfort of your own home. Your child may still be recovering from illness or is too sick to attend school or daycare, and requires short-term care.  Additionally, this program can provide emergency, back-up care for your family, when you regular care-giver calls in sick or has to attend an appointment. The program is great for helping a stay-at-home parent or foster parent take a break from time-to-time.  Our care-givers are assigned to the same families over and over; therefore, the children do not see them as complete strangers.

Kids At Home sick care program requires advanced registration. For more information, or to register, kindly call usat: 1-866-211-9511 (voice) or write to us at

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Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Child Care Resources Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 13:28:42

With the summer quickly coming to an end, have you given any thought to your child’s transition to formal schooling?

1. Is Your Child Prepared for Kindergarten? Click Here for 10 Ways to Find Out!

2. Is your child old enough to stay at home alone? Find out!


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